Multi-deck Vibrating Stack Sizer


Industry Category: Machinery/Mining-Machinery/Vibrating-Screen
Product Category:
Spec: HT01

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Main technical parameters of Multi-deck Vibrating Stack Sizer

Dimensions: Width 1500mmX Length 4892mmX4142mm

Machine weight: about 4 tons

Screening area: 7.3㎡

Screening inclination: 17.5°

Screening efficiency: 85~90%

Amplitude: 0.8~2mm

Maximum Capacity: 45T/h -120 T/h

Screen Panel Aperture: Minimum 0.043mm - 10mm

Decks : 1-deck stack sizer, 2-deck stack sizer , 3-deck stack sizer , 4-deck stack sizer, 5-deck stack sizer



1. The main body of the Multi-deck Vibrating Stack Sizer is riveted with rivets, which ensures the reliability and stability of the long-term operation of the equipment,

and reduces the number of maintenance and labor.

2. The surface of the Multi-deck Vibrating Stack Sizer is treated with polyurea spraying technology as a whole,

which increases the wear resistance and corrosion resistance of the equipment and prolongs the service life of the equipment.

3. With the self-developed polyweb urethane screen panel  (minimum 0.043mm) , the screen is not easy to be blocked,

and five channels are fed at the same time, with large processing capacity and high screening efficiency.



1. Fine screen obtains larger screening capacity with smaller footprint.

2. Greatly improve the mill capacity and greatly reduce the power consumption per unit of ore grinding.

3. Minimize the over-powdering of useful minerals (mudification).

4. Improve metal recovery rate and reduce flotation reagent consumption.

5. Successfully applied to the sorting of metallic and non-metallic minerals.


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Industry Category Machinery/Mining-Machinery/Vibrating-Screen
Product Category
Spec: HT01